Secure Your Financial Health Post Covid-19

In my eBook (which is available for free on my homepage), I began a thought process which I wish to develop. This is what I said; “In the first week of June, I was having a conversation here in London with a Senior Investment Banker of one of the largest banks in the world. Even though I had an inclination as to remote work-from-home in the corporate sector, what he told me came as a complete surprise! Of their 85,000 employees worldwide, 74,000 of them are working remotely (from home)! Why should this be of any importance to you and I? This data by one of the oldest institutions points to a trajectory of how business models might change, going forward. I have since been having meetings with business owners who have re-modeled their businesses and their ‘Modus Operandi’ during and post Covid -19 lock down. The way the world does business has changed. For ever.” The last point we covered in the eBook was the need to recondition your mind. Let’s build on that, shall we?

Seeing that working from home, even for the corporate sector, is the new normal, why not work from home for yourself? Why not recondition your mind to start thinking about owning your own home-based business? Working for someone else in a job essentially means that you are building their dreams. Why not rethink, recondition and reposition your mindset to where you can start build your own dreams, fighting for the financial freedom of your family? Why not start by working on your home-based business on a part time basis, why not start taking control of your finances and your future? Think about it for a moment, if you were not earning during the COVID-19 lockdown, that should have been your wake -up call to take control of your own finances and not depend on the uncertain and insecure job arena! What if the world has another virus around the corner? What would you do? What are your available options? Let’s explore! I would personally recommend that you pay attention to the Direct sales or MLM industry and this is why.

Multi-Level-Marketing, popularly abbreviated as MLM businesses has taken centre stage and therein you will find some the fastest forms of entrepreneurship in the world today. MLM has become very accessible in many ways, allowing you to work from the comfort of your home at minimal production costs. Even if you are employed, you can still build this kind of business part time for additional income and the flexibility and safety that happen as you take control of your income. So, what are the benefits of participating in the MLM industry? Let us look at a few of the key ones here.

1. Low Start-Up Investment Capital

You can now start a home-based business in the MLM arena with very little investment as well as very low monthly subscriptions. In most cases, the initial investment you require as start-up capital does not even begin to compare with your earning potential which many MLM businesses offer you. If you take it seriously and work to become a professional, the possible financial rewards are much higher than many types of businesses. The best thing about investing in this type of business is that the very minimum monthly subscription affords you the opportunity to building a global business empire from the comfort of your home. The opportunity comes with great operating systems already build for you such as a back-office, marketing material, replicated website, corporate training, etc. What you are really getting is a business that is already built for you, market research and costs of formulas and patents are taken care of; these systems are ready built and available to you from the ‘get go’! If you have started a business from scratch before you know the effort and strain that goes into building business systems from the ground up.

2. Repeat/Passive/Residual Income

Linear vs Passive income? No debate there! Repeat/Residual/Passive Income wins every time, hands down! MLM gives you an opportunity to build an ever-increasing passive residual income. If people could only understand what residual income is all about, I’m sure they would walk through brick wall to obtain it. Passive or residual income is only made possible by leveraging on your team performance. Leveraging on other people's effort and time over and above your own, a large residual income is possible because you’ve helped others in your team train and optimize their own team members. In MLM, it’s all about duplication, not just a CEO sitting at the very top of a company while everyone works hard while he or she benefits. It’s about people helping people and when you help others to build a passive residual income you benefit as others grow their own passive incomes. You become successful only when you have helped others become successful.

3. Leverage

Leverage is by far the single most important advantage in MLM because it allows people to work together and in most cases, payout team bonuses. Leverage enables you to get more done and earn more through the power of teamwork. Understand this. MLM companies pay their distributors for work done by other distributors in their team. Somewhat similar to Bill Gates and Microsoft. He built his company by creating and owning a ‘system’. When he sleeps, he makes money. When he drives, he makes money. When he is on vacation, he makes money. Do you think he goes into his office as much as he used to when he started the organization? I think not. So, by systematically increasing the number of active distributors/business builders in your downline, your income will increase, and as your team grows the number of hours you work will decrease making time for you to spend any way you wish. I call that time freedom that is enabled by you having residual income. It is definitely well worth your time to build a big team if you have big aspirations.

To be continued on my next blog post!

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